Travelling Alone for the First Time

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Does This Sound Like You?

Are you thinking of travelling alone but find yourself making excuses not to do it? Have your friends tried to discourage you? Are you worried about the expense of it? Maybe you’re concerned there will be a problem back home while you’re away? Do you think people will feel sorry for you? Do you worry you will get bored? All these things crossed my mind and I am sure they did for many solo travellers too. But actually, what have you got to lose?

Making Excuses Not To Travel Alone

Its natural to put obstacles in the way of something that takes you out of your comfort zone but, what’s the worst thing that can happen? If you don’t enjoy it then you don’t have to do it again. This is unlikely but, if you never try, you will never know…

Travel brings power and love back into your life…

by Rumi

Why Do You Want To Travel Alone?

Firstly, think about the reasons why you want to travel alone. Keep these at the front of your mind, bite the bullet and book that solo trip.

What Do You Want To Achieve From Your Solo Holiday?

You may just want relaxation and quiet time. Or, you may have a particular interest you want to connect with. Try to incorporate something into your trip that you love. For example, I love the beach, sunsets, music, wildlife and speaking to the locals. I always make sure my destination will tick a few of these boxes.

2 Important Reasons Why You Should Book Your First Solo Holiday

  • Solo travel is empowering. It is an incredible feeling taking total control and responsibility of where to go with nobody else to consider or answer to. Once you have decided on your destination and booked it, the feeling is incredible.
  • Time to self-reflect without distraction. The business of life, whether that comes from being a mum or dad, family, working or chores can actually make you lose sight of what is important to you. I certainly spent so much time putting others first, I forgot about, or didnt have time for my needs. I don’t think I had time to even consider what they were anymore. Solo travel gave me the freedom and time to think about me again and what I wanted to do. It reminded me of my passions and interests. It was totally liberating.

Be Open Minded

Don’t feel the need to have a rigid itinerary. Sometimes it is good not to have a clear path of where you’re going. Instead, travel the unmade road and see what happens along the way. It’s great to have a couple of ideas of things to do but try to keep an open mind. That way doors will open and you can explore other opportunities as they arise. Spontaneity will keep your trip exciting and your confidence and self-esteem will grow.


If you are anxious about travelling alone for the first time, you could go somewhere familiar initially. It may be somewhere you have been before. You will still get a very different experience by yourself. Take small steps if necessary. Seek encouragement from those that motivate you and push you forward in life. They are the important people to keep around you.


I now travel alone a lot and can thoroughly recommend it. It has changed me from an ‘I can’t do this because’ person to an ‘I can do this’ person.

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