From my worldwide solo travels, there are a number of travel products I have found to be really useful which I would like to share with you…

1. The Solo Travel Handbook

The Solo Travel Handbook covers many topics including things to do leading up to your trip and inspirational stories by other solo travellers. It is well written and provides heaps of information in organised short, interesting and manageable chunks, with pictures and practical tips. It really is a wonderful book to dip in and out of, if you can put it down that is!

2. Towel Clips

Ever tried laying the towel on your sun lounger while it’s windy? Taken a dip in the ocean and come back to find your towel has blown off the lounger and landed in the sand? When you travel alone there is a simple and cheap solution… the towel clips. They are light and hold the towel firmly in place. They also helped keeping my book open on a windy day!

3. Sun Cream Applicator

If you have ever been away somewhere hot and settled down for a little sunbathing session you may have discovered it isn’t easy to apply sun cream on your back when travelling solo. You either have to be a contortionist or accept you are going to miss bits (or lots) and have some sunburn. This is where the applicator comes in very useful. Simply pour some cream on it and it reaches all parts of your back that you had trouble reaching. It may also help those who have trouble bending over easily to make it easier to reach their legs.

4. Packing Cubes

I find these packing cubes are a good way to organise my suitcase. For example, put items you need on arrival in one cube. Place clothes that need hanging up straight away in another. If you are going on a twin centre holiday, put clothes for one trip in one cube and clothes for the next trip in another.

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