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My Favourite 7 Things to do Solo

African show, solo holiday, beach bonfire, starfish jolly beach, things to do solo
Solo holiday to Antigua, African show with beach bonfire

The more I do by myself, the more confident I become. I love to go places with friends and family but equally, I enjoy doing things by myself. I have conversations with people who I may not necessarily have spoken to if I was with a partner or friend. This in itself often leads to meaningful friendships. Reviewing solo activities has made me think more deeply about the places I visit and therefore I have learnt a lot too. Here are some of my favourite things to do solo…

1. Solo Holidays

Travelling to another country is considered brave by some. For me, it is a liberating experience and gives me the opportunity to be totally selfish. I can go where I want and for however long I want. Decide what you want to get out of your holiday and do it! The 3 places I have been to on my own a lot, are quite different. Read my reviews for some inspiration …

Sunset, antiguan sunset, jolly beach, junior suite, starfish jolly beach resorts, antigua
Sunset from the Balcony of the Junior Suite at Starfish Jolly Beach Resort, Antigua


London is a vibrant city offering something for everyone. It is a great place to come to if you are on your own. Time can be spent admiring some of the fantastic, iconic buildings and architecture. This can be done as part of a self-guided walking tour if you prefer. World famous stores such as Harrods and Selfridges are super places to visit. You could try your hand at a cooking class during the day or a dance class one evening. London is also blessed with many fantastic restaurants and you will be able to find food from all over the world. Have a look at some of the places I have been to and recommend from my ‘Around the World in London’ theme on my London Restaurants page.

Things to do solo, London
Solo in London


A paradise for beach lovers. With warm tropical breezes and aqua marine water, it is the perfect place to unwind, clear your mind and recharge your batteries. The weather is around 25-30 degrees all year round and is apparently the sunniest of the Caribbean islands. The locals are warm and welcoming and for those of you who return, you are made to feel like you are coming home. The island offers some incredible hotels, many of which have all inclusive packages, fantastic food, rum cocktails and amazing scenery.

Antigua, Caribbean, beaches
Antigua, Caribbean


The place to go if you want to combine world famous beaches such as Manly and Bondi with city life. For a change of scenery, a couple of hours drive out of Sydney will take you to stunning places like the Blue Mountains or The Hunter Valley. Hunter Valley gives you the opportunity to sample some of the wines the vineyards have to offer. Australia is also blessed with some unusual wildlife if you like to get up close to nature.

Australia, solo holiday,
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia


A picturesque city with plenty to do for a solo traveller. Wonderful if you love arts and culture, nightlife, canals and bridges. Famous for its tolerance of soft drugs and legalised prostitution but there is so much more Amsterdam has to offer. Click on the link for lots of ideas of places to stay and things to do.

If you are considering booking a solo holiday, have a look at my solo travel tips to help make your trip a little easier.

2. Dining Solo

Solo dining is now a very enjoyable experience for me, though initially it was one of the more difficult things to do by myself. My tips for solo dining are worth having a look at if you haven’t dined alone before. Solo dining is great because you don’t have to compromise on where to go. The times I missed out on dining somewhere because the person I was with didn’t fancy going! Often the waiting and bar staff are keen to speak with you if they see you are alone, especially in the smaller restaurants. When in London, I try to review places from all over the world and as a result I have tasted fabulous dishes.

African Kitchen Gallery, Solo Dining
Homemade Organic Pumpkin Flan from The African Kitchen Gallery, Euston, London

3. Beaches

Ah the beach! Isn’t it just the perfect place to chill out and relax. Take a book, stare at the ocean, have a swim, walk along the sand, gather shells, try a water sport, sip a cocktail. There are so many things you can do and you don’t have to have someone with you to enjoy it. All inclusive hotels are often set on beachfronts with watersports packages included so you don’t have to pay extra to try paddle boarding or sailing for example.

London Beaches – hmmmm maybe not!


Beaches in Australia

Volleyball, Manly Beach, Manly, Sydney, Australia
Volleyball Courts, Manly Beach

Beaches in Antigua

Crab Hill Beach, Antigua Beaches, Caribbean beaches, Antigua,
Crab Hill Beach

4. Museums

Museums are great places to go to and aren’t dependent on the weather! A lot of them are free to enter too. One of my favourite museums I recently visited was The Clink Prison Museum. It took less than an hour to walk around but it was so interesting and left me time to combine it with another activity in the area too.

Clink Prison Museum, London, things to do solo
The Clink Prison Museum, London

5. Self Guided Walking Tours

There are many different types of self guided walking tours and some ideas can be found online. I have listed a few of my favourites in the link above. The good thing about these types of tours is that they can be tailor made to suit your time and budget. Self guided walking tours can include shopping areas, sight seeing or spotting scenes from a movie. Have a look at some of mine for inspiration and then adapt one to make your own!

Tower of London, sightseeing, self guided walking tour
Tower of London

6. Zoo or Aquarium

I love to get up to close to nature so when I travel, I try to do something connected to animals. In Sydney, I was able to see Australia’s Big 5 in Wild Life Sydney and Sealife Sydney Aquarium has a wonderful Dugong exhibit. London Aquarium is worth a visit too. They are good places to go to by yourself and you can wander around at your own pace.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

7. Take a Class

These are great for going to alone but also meeting people with common interests. Popular classes include learning a new language, dance or cooking. A lot of countries offer these types of classes. Check before you travel as some you may need to pre-book or ask at hotel reception for information on local classes. I have met lots of new friends this way. Most people turn up on their own rather than in a group and they are fun at the same time.

Live Band, Forro Dance Class, London, Farringdon
Live Band after a Forro Dance Class in London

I recently went along to a Forro lesson which is a type of Brazilian dance. I had never had a Forro lesson before and I didnt know anyone there. Teachers and students are friendly and welcoming. The idea of the class is to learn a few new moves or a sequence and then practice socially after the lesson. Everyone dances together and are aged 20s-70s, male and female so no excuses! I have tried 6 styles now. Some styles are more popular than others. Salsa for example has venues all over the world so once you know a few moves, you can have fun in lots of destinations, language is not a barrier!

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These are the destinations I can recommend as a solo traveller with links to hotels I have stayed in by myself, restaurants I have dined solo at and recommended solo activities.

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