The Solo Travel Handbook

The Solo Travel Handbook is a ‘must have’ for anyone considering travelling alone, especially those of you who are new to solo travel. The book deals with many topics including things to do leading up to your trip and inspirational stories by other solo travellers. It is a well written book, providing heaps of information and is organised in short, interesting, manageable chunks with pictures and practical tips. It really is a wonderful book to dip in and out of, if you can put it down that is!

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Deciding to go

The opening chapter touches on the benefits of travelling alone and what you may expect to gain and learn about yourself. It considers the fears and concerns you may have associated with solo travel and how to deal with them.

Before you go

This section focusses on planning your trip, budgeting and choosing where to travel to. There is a fun travel quiz to complete, helping you decide on the right type of trip for you. Tips on booking flights, first aid, luggage and packing are discussed. There is also information advising you of ways to protect yourself while you are away with possible immunisations.

On the Road

This unit offers practical advice for when you arrive at your destination. There are ideas on how to manage your money as well as money saving tips when choosing accommodation. You can read about how to make your solo dining experience more enjoyable and find out ways to meet others (should you want to) and brushing up your photography skills. Counteracting loneliness and keeping fit are tackled as well as keeping safe through phone apps and raising awareness of common scams.

What Inspires you?

This section of The Solo Travel Handbook encourages you to think about what you want from your holiday. It provides information on places to head to if you are looking for adventure, food, self-reflection, nightlife or tours, for example. Additionally, relevant books are recommended to read depending on where you choose to travel, together with ideas of things to do, tips on the best time of year to travel and practical advice on things to bear in mind when staying in certain places.

Inspirational Stories

This chapter contains real life stories from individuals talking about their own experiences of how they came to travel solo. They share some of the lessons they have learned along the way.


Finally, in the back of the book is a chapter which provides a list of invaluable resources on recommended apps and websites to make your solo travel experience easier and safer. Recommended apps and websites include those for travel money management, booking flights, free accommodation, staying connected, packing and working overseas.

The Solo Travel Handbook is priced at £8.80, cheaper if you choose to purchase a used copy. Follow the link …

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