Solo Travel Concerns

solo travel concerns - dining solo is feared by many

Although I had my initial anxieties about going away on holiday by myself, I had never really given much thought as to what problems I might encounter while I am away.  I asked a number of people, both male and female, if they have solo travel concerns and if so, what they are…

The solo travel concerns…

  • Feeling anxious before the trip, wondering whether you will enjoy doing it alone
  • Feeling lonely if theres no-one to talk to
  • Taking taxi’s alone
  • Where is it safe to walk as a solo traveller
  • Safety
  • Needing to use the bathroom and having lots of luggage to take in with you
  • Worried the hotel will be full of couples and not a mixture of families, couples and solo travellers
  • Feeling intimidated
  • Dining alone
  • Concerns about not being understood if English is not the main language
  • Lack of available airport seating if you have poor mobility
  • Having a car/bike accident
  • Finding your way around the airport for the first time
  • People feeling sorry for you because you are alone and talk to you too much
  • Long haul destinations involving a change of flights
  • Concerns re. a lack of information desks or finding the right person to talk to if you have a problem
  • Being taken ill
  • Nobody to problem share with
  • Nobody to share a funny moment with
  • Losing your seat or table because you can’t leave your items unattended e.g. to go to bathroom or bar
  • Getting lost
  • Missing transfers due to luggage being lost or delayed

Do any of the above points concern you too? Some people said they felt a bit silly having these worries. Some even thought they would be the only people thinking that way. However, several people shared the same concerns. It seems many of us feel the same.

It is important to think about concerns you have and consider how you can solve these problems before you go away. Being prepared will make you feel more confident about your trip and ease anxiety so you can relax and enjoy it!  

Many concerns can be solved by communicating.  There are always people around at the airport who can answer questions or point you in the right direction. Hotel or bar staff won’t mind looking after your seat if you talk to them, they will also help recommend places that are good to go to alone if you ask.  There are also ways of avoiding talking to people too if that is a concern.  Take some earbuds to give the impression you are listening to music, or pull out a book.  People tend not to interrupt you then!

The majority of people I asked would still go on a solo holiday regardless of their concerns.  Having been, they found it a very enriching and pleasurable experience.

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