From the solo holidays, solo dining experiences and solo activities I have enjoyed, I have also learnt a number of things that would have made things a little easier, less stressful, more enjoyable or safer.

Solo travel has led me to make new friends, laugh a lot, reflect on life as well as growing in confidence, independence and self esteem. I have been reduced to tears by people’s kindness, got out of my comfort zone, scared myself and surprised myself at times. However, each experience has taught me a lesson or enhanced my life. I wouldn’t change a thing.

The following pages offer specific solo travel tips. They will help you when you go on holiday alone, dine solo or take part in a solo activity.

The Solo Travel Handbook

Invest in a copy of this fabulous, easy to read guide to solo travel. It offers top tips and practical advice on travelling alone. This book and other products helpful for solo travel can be purchased through my TRAVEL PRODUCTS page.

Planning Tips for a Solo Holiday

This page comprises 7 top tips to consider when planning your solo holiday. It includes information on how to research your destination thoroughly and contains a link giving the latest relevant travel updates, immunisation and visas.

Concerns About a Solo Holiday

After speaking to many friends who have been on a solo holiday or yet to go on one, I asked what their concerns were. This post lists concerns they had such as dining alone, pre-trip anxiety, feeling lonely and safety.

Tips on Dining Solo

My first solo dining experience could have been a lot better! I have learnt from this and now I dine solo a lot. In fact, if feels like a real treat! I have created a list of tips which really helped me to have a more enjoyable dining experience.

Safety Tips When Travelling Alone

12 top solo travel safety tips. Tips include ways to stay safe when arranging tours, what to wear, how to handle social media while you are away and phone apps.

Tips for a Stress Free Start to a Solo Holiday

This post offers practical advice on simple ways to make your solo holiday just that bit easier, including purchases you could make beforehand. It includes tips on pre-booking your seat, parking and getting to the airport on time. After experiencing a few hiccups of my own, these tips have helped me become a less anxious, more confident solo traveller.

Language Tips for Solo Travellers

Travelling anywhere that doesn’t speak your mother-tongue can be daunting especially if you are travelling alone. I have listed a few ways to learn the basics of a new language in a fun way. Furthermore, there are suggestions on what to do if you don’t have time to learn the basics before you travel.

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