Solo Travel Movies That Inspire

“If you clear out all of that space in your mind you would have a doorway”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts

Eat Pray Love, Solo Travel Movie, solo holidays, solo travel

Liz, is the main character from one of the solo travel movies I have watched, Eat Pray Love. She realises she doesn’t want to be in her marriage anymore. After a difficult divorce she decides to travel and find her appetite for life again. She felt that since she was fifteen, due to relationships, she hadn’t even had two weeks to deal with herself. This brings her to a decision to set off on a one year vacation. Her first trip to Italy is to rediscover her love of food, followed by a stay in an Ashram in India and the final destination to Bali. In all three places, she meets new friends who enhance her life, resulting in a wonderful quote…

“We all need to look after our family wherever we find them”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Several elements of this movie resonate with me. Watching it again reminded me of how liberating it is to travel alone. Whatever your situation, married, single, divorced or widowed, one thing is for sure, time alone can be beneficial. Solo travel allows you time and space to think clearly, putting things into perspective without distraction. It allowed me to clear my mind and set me on the right path to change my career.

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Other benefits may sound selfish but for the first time in my life I didnt have to compromise, I could follow my heart, go where I wanted, when I wanted for however long I wanted. I grew in confidence and boosted my self-esteem as well as becoming more responsible, figuring out how to do things by myself, rather than relying on someone else.

Like Liz, I have found myself re-learning a foreign language, experiencing new things, going to new places, making new friends and having a renewed zest for life.

Eat Pray Love is a movie that motivated me to travel alone and I cannot recommend it enough. There are plenty of solo travel movies and some are based on true stories. Why not watch one and see if you feel inspired too!

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