Freshwater Beach

An Intro to Freshwater Beach

Freshwater Beach is the birthplace of surfing in Australia.  ‘Duke’ Kahanamoku demonstrated surfing with a carved out piece of timber here in 1915.

‘Freshy’ as it I called by locals, is the next beach north of Manly on the northern peninsula.  In peak times it is less busy than Manly beach but still has a stunning stretch of white sand and waves that are great for surfing and bodyboarding.

Freshwater Beach, Sydney suburb of Freshwater, Australia , Pilu
Freshwater Beach, Sydney suburb of Freshwater, Australia

Rocks at Freshwater

Climbing on the rocks is fun and if you are feeling energetic, it can take you all the way to Dee Why, another suburb further north along the peninsula.  If not, just take in some of the stunning views.  It’s easy to find a place to sit and be at peace with your own thoughts.

Rocks, Freshwater Beach, Suburb of Sydney, Australia, Freshwater, Freshy
Rocks and beach view at Freshwater Beach
Rocks, Freshwater Beach, Freshwater, Suburb of Sydney, Australia
Rocks at Freshwater Beach
Rocks, love heart, fresh, freshwater, freshwater beach, suburb of Sydney, australia
My kind of rock!!
Rocks, Freshwater Beach, Freshy, Suburb of Sydney, Australia
Rock area at Freshwater Beach

The Rock Pool at Freshwater

Freshwater Beach is a nice place to come if you are a solo traveller.  As well as relaxing on the beach, there is a salt water rock pool visitors can use that has marked out lanes for lap swimming.

Rock Pool, Freshwater Beach, Freshwater, Sydney Suburb, Australia
Rock Pool at Freshwater Beach

Surrounding Area of Freshwater

So if you need a break from the beach, you can head into the village which is less than ten minutes walk away.  Here you will find a mix of shops, cafes and restaurants.  Restaurants include sushi, India or pizza options.  Cafe Calm is close to the beach if you want a drink.

Pilu is an Italian restaurant which comes recommended by locals for a higher end lunch or dinner.

There are barbecues for use free of charge by the play park at the entrance to the beach and a grass, picnic area on the other side of the road.

Freshwater Beach as a Solo Traveller?

Definitely!  Lots to do and as with the other beach areas, it is very casual and a mix of people some on their own and others with family or friends.

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