Market Lane Cafe Manly

Market Lane Cafe Manly

I had breakfast in Market Lane Cafe, Manly one morning.  This non-beachfront cafe is in a tucked away position close to the library.

I sat inside as it was a cold morning.  Unfortunately, the tables were a little too close together which made it feel a bit crowded.  It didn’t help sitting so close to where customers were lining up to order their food either.

The Menu

The menu offered reasonably priced dishes and there was something to suit all budgets.  The toast with Vegemite or honey was $5.50 and the grilled halloumi $17.50.  There was a range of other breakfast options with varying prices in-between the two.


There was plenty to choose from in terms of drinks.  I chose a weak flat white with bonsoy which was good as I needed my caffeine fix for the day.  But the juices and smoothies looked amazing.  One smoothie in particular caught my eye… tahini and date with banana, cinnamon and almond milk.

My Order

I chose the grilled halloumi which came with 2 poached eggs, avocado, rocket, asparagus, preserved lemon and toast.  I’m not keen on eggs and asked if they could make it without.  I was a little surprised they were still going to charge me the same amount but was told they would give me a portion of feta instead.

Breakfast at Market Lane Cafe, Manly, Sydney, Australia
Breakfast at Market Lane Cafe, Manly, Sydney, Australia

When the breakfast was served, they had forgotten the feta and it was served with spinach instead of rocket.  It didnt really matter because I had more than enough to eat.  The portion was big.  The food was delicious.  I had never eaten preserved lemon before, unless it was part of a tagine.  I will now use it at home in this type of dish as it complemented the asparagus and spinach nicely.

Market Lane Cafe is very informal making it very easy to dine here as a solo traveller.  There was a mix of people coming in alone just for coffee, groups of friends with children and a couple on the day I went.

Would I return here as a solo traveller?

I would definitely return here as there were a few other items on the menu I would be keen to taste.  Though this time I would try to sit outside where the tables were more spread out.

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