Açai Bros in Manly

I went to Açai Bros in Manly and had my best açai bowl yet!

What is açai?

Açai is a type of berry which comes from the açai palm tree in South America.  The berries are nutritious ‘superfruits’ that are naturally sugar free and contain many antioxidants.  They are deep purple in colour and are popular in smoothies as well as fruit bowls.

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Açai Bowl from Açai Bros, Manly, Sydney

The gentleman serving me was very friendly and helpful in advising how to build my bowl so that it was gluten free.

There are several types of basic bowls to choose from such as…


This has an açai and banana base, buckini (Activated buckwheat packed with protein. It is actually a fruit seed and not wheat based) and 3 types of fruit.

Raw Lemon

A base of açai, banana and lemon essential oils, again topped with buckini and 3 types of fruit.

The regular sized portions are between $14-15.

Basic Bowls

On top of the basic bowls, there are choices of superfood toppings.  So for an extra 50c you could add cacao nibs, shredded coconut, chia seeds, coconut nectar or honey.  For an extra 75c maybe add goji berries, almonds or cashews.     $1 extra will  give you protein, peanut butter, bee pollen or activated charcoal!  Finally, raw treats such as coconut yogurt, coconut ice-cream, granola or a variety of sauces are priced at an extra $2.

Speciality Bowls

As well as the basic bowls, speciality bowls are available such as the ‘Ain’t Nothin Butter’.  This has a base of açai, banana, raw peanut butter and cacao and is topped with coconut yogurt, choc buckini, cacao nibs, peanut butter sauce and 3 types of fruit.

Warm Menu

Açai Bros also has a warm menu including charcoal waffles, avocado toast, toasties and hot drinks.

Would I Return as a Solo Traveller?

Açai Bros is a great place to visit as a solo traveller and I will definitely return.  It is only a few minutes walk from Manly Beach.  I took mine onto the beach and watched the surfers.  It was a perfect, healthy, takeaway option for lunch.

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