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Views of St Pauls Cathedral

What can I say, London is one of my favourite cities and a place I visit a lot on my own.  It is vibrant, full of iconic landmarks and steeped in history.  Nightlife is varied and excellent, as is the restaurant scene.  This multicultural city ensures good quality cuisines from all over the world.  For those who love to indulge in culture, you will find a wealth of interesting museums and art galleries, music venues and theatre shows.

Japanese food - Mayfair restaurantsEach time I visit, I seem to find somewhere new. or discover an interesting fact!  Samuel Johnson, an English writer, once quoted ‘when a man is tired of London he is tired of life’.  I can see what he meant by this.

How to get around in London

It is very easy to navigate your way around London due to its great network of both overground and underground trains, frequent bus services with the famous red double deckers, black cabs and ubers. Hop on hop off bus tours are another great way to view the city and hear about its history along the way.

Hop on hop off bus - The Original Tour

Many of the things to do here are within close proximity of each other, so with careful planning, you can visit a lot of places in one visit.  Bicycles are available for hire through various companies or the ‘Boris Johnson cycle scheme’.

While some activities, restaurants and hotels can be costly, there are many which can be inexpensive or free too!  Reviews and recommendations will include both to suit all budgets.

Meeting Locals

A great way to get into the English culture is to mix with the locals so maybe think about signing up to a class.  Cookery classes or dance classes for example, can be attended by both locals and those travelling.  It is a great way to get to know people with similar interests.

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