Museum of London

Museum of London, 150 London Wall, Barbican, London EC2Y 5HN – nearest tubes are Barbican and St Pauls

Open from 10am-6pm daily excluding 24th-26th December

About the Museum of London

The Museum of London is a fascinating museum focussing on prehistoric London through to the present day. It is free to enter, though donations are welcomed. You will find a couple of cafes serving a selection of hot and cold food. Additionally, there is a seating area where you can bring your own picnic food or takeaway. At the museum’s exit is a gift shop where you can purchase a range of souvenirs.

There are some additional exhibits or experiences which are chargeable. For further information and prices go to the Museum of London’s website.

The exhibits are displayed as a timeline through the ages…

450,000BC – AD50

Exhibits show you what London was like before it was London. Animals such as elephants and lions used to live in the Thames Valley in the Ice Age. Other animals such as aurochs have been extinct for over 400 years. Here is one of the skulls found in East London…

Aurochs skull exhibit at Museum of London
Aurochs skull discovered in East London

Roman London 50-410

Read about Roman dishes found in Apicius’ Roman cookery book…

  • Stuffed Dormice – includes minced pork and dormice, pepper, pine kernels and fish sauce. The mixture is then stuffed back into the dormice and sewn up before being cooked in the oven on a tile
  • Sausages – a mixture of eggs, animal brains, pine kernels, pepper and fish sauce, stuffed into part of an intestine, boiled and then grilled

For those of you who prefer modern day dining, I suggest you read about the restaurants I recommend, at the foot of the page!

Decorations in Roman homes included wall paintings and mosaic tiling to the floor…

Medieval London 410-1558

Learn about the horrors of the incurable disease, The Black Death which hit London in 1348 and killed half of all Londoners. Mourning rings were worn at funerals


Learn about the Civil War and the collapse of Royal power.


Following the Great Fire of London, the City had to be rebuilt and iin 1843 the Thames Tunnel was built.

Victorian London 1850s-1940

A wonderful Victorian village is replicated,. Walk through the dark street to see what some of the shops looked like…

The Penny Farthing was invented in 1871…

The first licensed taxi in London was in 1903…

1940- today

Exhibits such as the platform shoe in the 1970s…

The London Museum is quite small so I recommend allowing a couple of hours here. It is a great solo activity that both educates and fascinates. Have a look at some other recommended things to do while in London.

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