There are many fantastic museums in London and a lot of them do not charge an admission fee.  They are great solo activities if you are exploring London by yourself.  You can spend as little or as long as you like there and browse at your own pace.  I often combine them with another activity in the local area.  The following museums in London are amongst my favourites that I have visited by myself.  Click on the links for further information.

1.  Victoria & Albert Museum – Art & Design, South Kensington

V&A, Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum, London Museum, South Kensington
Victoria & Albert Museum, South Kensington

The Victoria & Albert Museum is a large museum offering free daily tours and talks, hands-on activities with around 60,000 objects on display!  You can view some amazing costumes here including those worn by Madonna, Britney Spears and the one worn by Scar in The Lion King theatre show.

2.  The Natural History Museum, South           Kensington

Blue Whale, Natural History museum, London museum, London, South Kensington
Blue Whale

The Natural History Museum will keep you occupied for a few hours a least! It offers free admission, though some temporary exhibits may charge a fee. There is plenty to see and learn about the natural world here including some amazing life size models such as the enormous blue whale!

3. The Clink Museum

clink street, clink prison museum, museums in London,

The Clink Prison was one of the earliest prisons in London dating back to 1144.  A short activity to do in London which gives you a great insight into the dreadful conditions prisoners had to put up with! Exhibits include those used for torture – gruesome!

4. The Postal Museum, Farringdon

The Postal Museum, Farringdon, London

The Postal Museum is a fun, interesting and interactive museum explaining the history of the postal system in England. There are two admission prices, one of which includes a ride on the miniature train. Be prepared to head underground into dark tunnels that were once used by these trains to transport post from one part of London to another.

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