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There are many tours you can do in London but the first one I wanted to review was a self-guided walking tour of the 1990s movie ‘Notting Hill’.

Notting Hill Movie – The Self-Guided Walking Tour

The hopeless romantic that I am loves this movie and I watched it again recently.  I never realised that there was an actual self-guided walking tour with places you can still see almost 20 years on!  Several are available online.  The entire walk takes about an hour but there are things you may want to combine with the tour, like shopping!.  If so,  allow more time.

The tour starts as you step out of Notting Hill Gate tube station.  Opposite is the place where William watched the short sci fi film starring Anna Scott.

Notting Hill Movie, Notting Hill, cinema, Hugh Grant, William, Anna Scott, Julia Roberts, London, solo travel reviews
Cinema William went to to watch a short movie starring Anna

Then walk on to Bella & Max’s house in Lansdowne Road.

Notting Hill Movie, Notting Hill, tours, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, solo travel reviews, London
Bella & Max’s House

Go on to peak through the railings at Rosmead Gardens, which William and Anna climbed and  illegally trespassed.

Rosmead Gardens, tours, Notting Hill, Notting Hill move, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, London, solo travel, reviews
Rosmead Gardens

Take a wander along Portobello Road to Williams’ bookshop where he meets Anna for the first time.  Note it isn’t actually a book shop!

bookshop, notting hill, notting hill movie, Hugh grant, Julia Roberts, London, solo travel, reviews, portobello road
The Bookshop where William worked

Finally, the famous blue door which was the entrance to William’s house.

The blue door, William's house, tours, notting hill the movie, notting hill, London, solo travel, reviews
The Blue Door

Yep! The large blue door, that was the one!

I thoroughly enjoyed walking around here and reminiscing over the movie.  If you are looking for some other things to do in the area or want to combine it with another activity or recommended restaurant then check out the following…

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