London Ghost Tour

London ghost tour – The Ghost Bus Tours run daily – check website for current prices and show times.

Step onto the gloomy 1960’s Necrobus heading to Trafalgar Scare, Notting Hell and Earls Corpse for 75 minutes of theatrical, spooky storytelling and comedy…

Where to Meet

The bus stop of the London ghost tour is easy to find in Northumberland Avenue, just a 5 minute walk from Charing Cross mainline station. It is located directly outside the Grand Hotel and opposite The Sherlock Holmes pub. The host at the bus stop will give you a boarding number as you wait in anticipation for the bus to arrive and the journey to begin.

Boarding the Bus

Ghost Tour of London - interior of the Necrobus

Eery music plays as you board the bus, dimly lit by its antique lamps. I chose to sit in one of the burgundy faux leather seats downstairs. I watched the passers by from my window, framed with blood red curtains, not quite knowing what to expect from the night ahead…

Once everyone was seated, the guide told us a story of how our vehicle used to be a funeral bus and then we were on our way!

Ghost Stories

The bus took us through the streets of London and stories of ghosts, murder and death were told along the way.

We spotted the Tower of London believed to be home to the ghosts of Guy Fawkes and Anne Boleyn who walks with her head tucked beneath her arm in the Bloody Tower.

Ghost tours of London - spotting the Tower of London
Tower of London

We passed Charing Cross Mainline Station and were informed about how a bad smell in the luggage department in 1927, turned out to be that of a dismembered body found in a trunk.

We passed the Banqueting House in Whitehall where Charles I was beheaded here for treason in 1649.

At one point, everyone was kicked off the bus and taken down a backstreet in the dark, to Cross Bones Graveyard. This was a burial ground for hundreds of medieval sex workers and paupers in one of London’s poorest areas.

Cross Bones Graveyard

Be prepared for some scary moments and some funny moments!

The Ghost Bus Tours was well run and on time. There were several people on the tour who were on their own as well as couples and families. This is an unusual, amusing and interesting solo activity to do while in London. At times it is creepy, others ‘jumpy’, so not for the fainthearted!

What’s Nearby?

The bus stop at the beginning and end of the tour are well located to lots of restaurants. The timing of the tour makes it a good activity to do before or after dinner.

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