I was in two minds about going on a cruise. I guess I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I definitely had some concerns – What if I get sea sick? What if I feel claustrophobic on the ship? Will I feel out of place being on my own and I can’t get off the boat? I have to say, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I can definitely recommend it for solo travel and I will do it again.


Marella Celebration Cruise – Greek Mystique –

Countries visited are Croatia, Greece and Montenegro

Cruise with TUI on the Marella Celebration, Greek Mystique

Benefits for solo travel …

  • There are organised social events with other solo travellers if you wish to join in
  • Organised activities onboard the ship
  • Organised tours when in port
  • All inclusive food and drink onboard
  • Solo cabins are in the same area of the ship so it is quieter

Local Laws and Customs for Croatia, Greece and Montenegro

Note that not all destinations have the same local laws and customs as your home country. Click on the link to take you to the UK Government’s website which provides up to date information about local laws and customs in Croatia, Greece and Montenegro…