Recommended Sydney Restaurants include…


The food quality of Sydney restaurants is outstanding in my opinion.  I have never had a bad meal.  Visitors are spoilt for choice.  Pretty much any type of cuisine you are looking for can be found.  The food tastes fresh, flavourful and plenty of healthy options are available.  I try to keep to a gluten free diet wherever possible and this was very easy to do.  Everywhere I dined, there were gluten free, dairy free or vegan/vegetarian options available.  Something for everyone!

Ora, cafe, organic cafe, Manly
Ora Organic Cafe, Manly

Many of the restaurants in Sydney have both indoor and outdoor areas for dining.  When dining outdoors, blankets and heaters are often provided for when it becomes chilly.

Water is safe to drink and is available if you ask for it.  Therefore no need to have the added cost of buying bottled water.

Manly Restaurants

The majority of the restaurants here are very casual.  Many people have come from the beach.  In some of the outdoor dining places, you may see people who have got straight out the surf and aren’t evening wearing shoes.  However, you won’t really look out of place if you dressed up a bit either.  Manly is a very relaxed, casual, anything goes, kind of place.

Some of the restaurants close around 4pm.  They open very early, 6:30/7am in some cases.  They offer great breakfasts and lunch but then close for dinner.  So if you have a favourite place, check opening times as it may not be open in the evening.

The bigger restaurants are open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I visited a number of restaurants while I was here.  Read on for my reviews of eateries, I chose to dine at for breakfast, lunch and dinner…



Bircher Muesli at Ora, Organic Cafe, Manly, Sydney, Australia
Bircher Muesli at Ora, Organic Cafe, Manly, Sydney, Australia

Market Lane Cafe

Breakfast at Market Lane Cafe
Breakfast at Market Lane Cafe


Acai Brothers

açai, acaibowl, açai bros, manly, Sydney, australia


Momo Bar

Poke Bowl at Momo Bar, Manly, Sydney, Australia

The Sugar Lounge

Chips, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce, sugar lounge, manly, restaurants in manly, nsw, australia
Sugar Lounge, Manly


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