There are many beaches in Sydney and its suburbs. These are some of my favourites.  Click on the links to read a more in depth solo travel reviews of Sydney beaches.



Bondi Beach

Bondi is a stunning crescent shaped surf beach with skate park beside it. Across the road is a super town with many cafes, restaurants and shops. There is a popular clifftop walk you can take from here that leads to Coogee.

Bondi, Bondi Beach, Sydney Suburb, Australia
A Cold Day at Bondi Beach

Manly Beach

Manly Beach is great for those people who love fitness!  There are many people who exercise along the beachfront as well as taking part in water sports such as surfing.  On a windy day, it is also possible to kite surf.

Volleyball, Manly Beach, Manly, Sydney, Australia
Volleyball Courts, Manly Beach

Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach is a tucked away cove with a mix of shingle/shells and sand.  It is a very scenic beach with beautiful views, clear water and walking trails. Shelly Beach is a 10 minute walk from Manly Beach.  Water tends to be calm and ideal for paddle boarding, swimming or snorkelling.

Shelly Beach, Sydney, Australia
Shelly Beach, Sydney, Australia

Freshwater Beach

Freshwater beach is the birthplace of surfing in Australia.  Freshy, as it is known by locals, is a beautiful white sand beach along the Northern peninsula.  It is the first beach North of Manly.  There is a restaurant here called Pilu, a cafe and the Harbord Hotel.

Rocks, Freshwater Beach, Suburb of Sydney, Australia, Freshwater, Freshy
Rocks at Freshwater Beach

Manly Wharf

There are two areas of beach by the wharf in Manly.  Facing the wharf, to the right is a small area of beach which has an area protected with a shark net.  So it is safe for a swim and big enough for laps.

This area is also  home to the Little Penguins.  These are protected and the area patrolled at night to keep the penguins and their eggs safe.  If you are lucky you can spot one after sunset.  The sunsets here by the way are fantastic.

Stunning pink sunset at Manly Wharf
Sunset at Manly Wharf

To the left of the beach is another area of sand where a number of boats are moored up.  Paddle boarding lessons take place here.

Beach, Manly Whaf, Manly, Sydney, Australia
One of the Beaches at Manly Wharf

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