Many excursions are available in Antigua and these can be organised through your hotel or your travel agent.  This is recommended because they deal with reputable companies.  These are some of the most popular and recommended things to do in Antigua…

Nicole’s Table

This is a great activity to book online independently.  An enjoyable day at a cookery school with a choice of different courses available. Learn how to make a wonderful range of Caribbean dishes that you can easily make at home too.  A rum tasting course is also available for an extra US$ 10.  Round trip taxis can be organised through your hotel accommodation if you do not have car hire.

Nicole's Table - cookery school

Stingray City

Interact and feed the Southern Stingrays and snorkel alongside them.  This is a very popular tourist attraction in Antigua.

Zip Wire

Take a zip wire through the rainforest at Fig Tree Drive.

Fig Tree Drive

Fig Tree Drive is a 5 mile long stretch of road through Antigua’s scenic rainforest, leading from the South of the Island to the road that runs along the West Coast.  You will also see signs to a small art gallery here.

Fig Tree Drive, Rainforest, Antigua
Fig Tree Drive


Fig Tree Drive, Antigua, Rainforest
Fig Tree Drive

Devil’s Bridge

View the natural rock arch where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.

Antigua Beaches

Enjoy spending time on one of the 365 public beaches.  Maybe combine it with a lunch or a cool tropical cocktail!

Beaches, Antigua, West Coast
One of the beaches on the West Coast of Antigua

Nelson’s Dockyard

Take a walk around Nelson’s Dockyard and museum and combine it with a trip up to Shirley Heights or lunch at Boom!

Nelson's Dockyard, South Coast, Antigua, English Harbour
Nelson’s Dockyard

Shirley Heights

Don’t miss party night on a Sunday from 4pm-10pm.  Enjoy a barbecue, steel band, reggae band, stunning views and sunset.

Shirley Heights

Snorkelling Antigua

Many of Antigua’s beaches are suitable for snorkelling from the shore and there are quite a few tours you can book via the hotels that include snorkelling.

I can recommend Galleon Beach, English Harbour.  It is beautiful, secluded and peaceful.  The water is warm and calm and it is common to see turtles and rays.

Galleon Beach, English Harbour, Caribbean, snorkelling, wreck
Galleon Beach, English Harbour

Betty’s Hope

The sugar mills around the island are beautiful. Betty’s Hope is a fully restored sugar mill you can get up close to and photograph.

Visit Barbuda

Antigua’s sister island can be reached by catamaran from St Johns in approximately 90 minutes. Tour packages can also be arranged through the ferry service, Barbuda Express.

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