Grace Before Meals, Antigua

Grace Before Meals, Dockyard Drive, English Harbour, Antigua

I never seemed to get around to visiting Grace Before Meals in spite of locals telling me how good the food was. This time when I came to Antigua, I was staying at Admiral’s Inn which is just a 5 minute walk away, so I was determined to go along. I am so glad I did because Grace has decided she wants to sell it! I highly recommend coming along here especially if she may close down soon, it is well worth a visit.

Grace Before Meals, Antigua
Grace Before Meals


Grace has run this popular lunchtime venue for 30 years. The colourful timber bungalow is located by the roadside of Dockyard Drive, close to the Covent Garden Supermarket. The vibrant pink, orange and green colours inside the bungalow create a cheery feel. Shutters were opened up so a breeze filtered through.

Interior of Grace Before Meals, Antigua


Plenty of traditional West Indian dishes are served here. A menu is not provided but instead, the waitress comes to the table and tells you everything that is available. Dishes included rotis, curries, dumplings and ribs. A selection of fresh juices were offered including passionfruit, raspberry or tamarind.

My Choice

I enjoyed a vegetable roti. The soft roti was topped with a mango chutney and filled with a variety of piping hot, well cooked vegetables. These included pumpkin, potato, courgettes and green beans. The passionfruit juice I ordered was fresh, sweet, chilled and delicious. It was the perfect accompaniment to the roti. The roti and juice was very good value for money, costing little more than £5.


Service was prompt and efficient. Later, Grace came out to introduce herself. I thanked her for the wonderful lunch and told her how locals respect her and love her food. She admitted that the venue is now up for sale and she agreed she would be missed by many. However after 30 years of running it, she has now decided to call it a day, if she gets a buyer.

Would I return?

If Grace does not sell up and remains open, I would love to return on my next visit. I thoroughly enjoyed my food and it offered very good value for money. The restaurant attracts many locals as well as tourists which I like. Being such a small place, it is good for solo dining.

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