Restaurants in Amsterdam

restaurant in Amsterdam


Most of the restaurants in Amsterdam appeared to be very casual. I never felt a need to dress up particularly. However, had I dressed up, I wouldn’t have felt out of place either. It is an ‘anything goes’ kind of place. Be aware that not everywhere takes cash in Amsterdam. Several times this caught me out. They didn’t always take my American Express card either, so it was lucky for me that I had a Visa card too.

There are plenty of very casual eateries where you can grab food on the go, canal-side dining, outdoor and indoor dining, as well as evening dinner cruises. These were 4 of my favourite places I visited…

1. Mannekenpis

Damrak 41, Amsterdam

Open from 10 am until 12pm or 1:45am on Friday and Saturdays


I was curious to eat here because the queue was so long, it was blocking a large area of the pavement. Mannekenpis has a sign above the counter claiming to have been voted no.1 for Holland fries. Prices were reasonable at Euros 3.40, 4.40 or 5.40 for small, medium or large. Basically, choose your size of fries portion and then choose one of 24 varieties of sauce as a topping and onions. These include….

  • special curry
  • peanut
  • garlic
  • cheese
  • vegan mayo
  • truffle mayo
  • pesto mayo
Topped with special curry sauce and onions

Other snacks priced at Euros 1.80 included …

  • Vleeskroket (meat croquette)
  • Frikandel (minced meat roll)
  • Gehaktstaaf (minced meat stick)
  • Kaassouffle (melted cheese snack)
  • Kipcorn (crunchy chicken roll)

This is a cheap way to eat on the go and I have to say the fries were delicious. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

2. The Avocado Show

DaniĆ«l Stalpertstraat 61 HS, 1072 XB Amsterdam

Open 9am-5pm Sun-Thurs 9am-9pm Fri and Sat

Note this restaurant does not take reservations and does not accept cash.

The Avocado Show, Restaurant in Amsterdam

Of all the restaurants in Amsterdam I went to, this was my favourite by far! The Avocado Show is a fantastic restaurant which only serves dishes made from avocado. Cocktails as well as soft drinks are available and you can watch them being made from the open bar area.

3. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam, Netherlands

I stumbled upon this fantastic restaurant serving only plant based food, with indoor and outdoor seating areas. Approximately 15-20 minutes walk from the Leidseplein and museum district, it is well worth a visit. Needing just a snack, I chose the unicorn bread with aioli.

Unicorn Bread

4. Movenpick Hotel – Silk Bar

I spent a couple of evenings in this friendly bar with chatty, friendly staff. The atmosphere was relaxed and lighting dim, perfect to chill out in, with a couple of drinks and snacks after a long day of walking around the bustling city centre. The dishes I had were generous in size and very enjoyable.

snacks at The Movenpick, Silk Bar


Some restaurants do not accept reservations so if there is somewhere in particular you want to go to I recommend researching it before you go. Check if you can book a table and if not, find out when peak times are so you can try to beat the crowds.

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