Solo in Antigua in the rain

Stunning beach in Antigua for a sunny day but what would you do solo in Antigua in the rain?

The Caribbean. Tropical islands, turquoise sea, reggae and rum… Antigua is one of the most popular Caribbean islands for a beach holiday, however, it still gets its fair share of rainfall. Mostly, this consists of short, sharp showers which are often at night. But, what would you do if you were solo in Antigua in the rain which was relentless for a couple of days? Here are 3 of my favourite things to do, come rain or shine! …

On my last trip to Antigua, there were 2 days where the rain was heavy and did not let up at all. Temperatures stayed warm so I could still sit outside, undercover and relax with my book. However, what do you do when you want a break from that?

1. Nicole’s Table

An Antiguan cookery lesson

Nicole's Table - cookery school
Nicole’s Table Cookery School
plantain chips
tropical salsa dip

combined with a …

Rum Tasting Class

Rum tasting

Follow in the footsteps of Ainsley Harriott and sign up to a cookery course with Nicole. Head into the scenic hills of Cedar Valley and learn how to cook Caribbean style. Join others for a fun filled, hands-on learning experience, making superb dishes, while sipping home made rum punch and good conversation. While the food is cooking, join Adam, Nicole’s husband, for a rum tasting course, sampling a selection of English, Spanish and French rums. Finally, enjoy a group dining experience on the terrace, consuming all that has been cooked that day. You will come away armed with a wealth of knowledge, happy memories and recipes to replicate at home.

Nicole’s Table – have a look at their website for current courses

2. Shopping in St Johns with lunch

Hemingways Caribbean Restaurant, St Johns, Antigua, solo dining, dining solo, solo holiday, solo travel, solo traveller, Caribbean food
Hemingways Caribbean Restaurant, St Johns
Butterfish Curry at Hemingways - recommended place for solo dining in Antigua in the rain
Butterfish Curry at Hemingways, St. John’s, Antigua

St Johns is the capital of Antigua. It has a range of super shopping facilities from bartering at the markets to high end duty free shopping. When you have finished shopping you can replenish your energy by finding a restaurant for lunch. I can highly recommend Hemingways, overlooking the town and duty free area. Hemingways is in the heart of St Johns and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Observe the activity of this bustling town with reggae pumping out of car speakers, horns honking, and steel pan demos. There is always something to watch while you kick back and relax with a drink of your choice and some good local food.

3. Nelson’s Dockyard

solo in Antigua in the rain - Nelson's Dockyard museum
solo in Antigua in the rain - Nelson's Dockyard
The sail loft damaged by hurricane at Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua

Indulge yourself in the island’s history at the UNESCO world heritage site of Nelson’s Dockyard. Construction of this dockyard began in the 1740s by slave labourers and British tradesmen and boat repairs still take place here today. In fact, it is the only working Georgian dockyard in the world.

While wandering around the beautiful grounds you will come across a bakery with tempting snacks, a range of interesting shops and stalls, restaurants and a palm tree planted by Queen Elizabeth II. There is also a fascinating museum where you can learn about the dockyard’s development. Exhibits include cast iron beds the soldiers slept on, buttons made from bone, Arawak pottery dating back to circa 200AD and more!

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