Things to do in South Kensington for under £10

South Kensington is located in West London. It is an affluent area home to several popular museums, 2 Royal parks, Kensington House which is currently the London Residence of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge as well as having great places to eat and shop. South Kensington is a good place to explore if you are on a budget. Here are several things to do in South Kensington for under £10…

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Reasons to go on a solo cruise

Reasons to go on a solo cruise - TUI's Marella Celebration Cruise Ship
TUI’s Marella Celebration Cruise Ship

I recently sailed on TUI’s Marella Celebration Cruise around Dubrovnik, Greece and Montenegro. It was my first cruise and I hadn’t appreciated how great they can be for solo travellers. I met various people who were travelling alone including a young man of 25, a lady who had just turned 40 and a woman in her 70s who was recently widowed. Here are my top 7 reasons to go on a solo cruise…

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First Time to Sydney – 8 ‘Must Do’s’

Sydney Opera House

If this is your first time to Sydney you will be amazed at what a great holiday destination it is for a solo traveller. There is plenty to do, whatever your interests.  There are some amazing beaches, unique wildlife, breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering food to indulge in. After living in Sydney for a while and returning to visit frequently, these are my 8 top things to do in Sydney if you have never been before.

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How to spend a day in Corfu

Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian islands. It has a lush green landscape, stunning architecture with a strong Venetian influence, grottos and golden beaches. The cobbled streets in Corfu Town are super places to go shopping at leisure for local favourites. Here are some of the tours and things you can do when spending a day in Corfu from the Marella Celebration Cruise with TUI …

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TUI Marella Celebration Cruise Tips

Tui Marella Celebration Cruise Tips - view from one of the day trips

I thoroughly enjoyed the Marella Celebration Cruise with TUI. I overhead people commenting that the ship was ‘tired’ now but it looked good to me. It was scrupulously clean, staff were lively, friendly and helpful, most of the food was good and rooms seemed quite spacious. TUI had also arranged a selection of fantastic, optional tours to choose from. I had nothing to compare it to as this was my first cruise, but having travelled extensively, I was impressed. Here are some Marella Celebration Cruise tips to help you enjoy your week or two to the full.

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