• A Weekend in Winchester

    How to spend a weekend in Winchester, where the chalk stream, River Itchen, snakes its way through the heart of the city that King Alfred the Great once chose as England’s capital. Winchester by day… Spend eclectic days spotting medieval and Tudor architecture, the last remaining section of Winchester’s stone Roman wall, visiting a working watermill or a thought-provoking museum.  Winchester Castle, founded by William the Conqueror displays King Arthur’s round table. This symbol of medieval mythology has been exhibited in the Great Hall for almost 700 years.  Walk in the footsteps of John Keats whose poem ‘Ode to Autumn’ was inspired by his nature filled hikes amongst the water…

  • Things to do in Sevenoaks, Kent

    Sevenoaks History Sevenoaks, so called due to its clusters of seven oak trees, is an affluent Kent commuter town dating back to 800 AD. It gained market town status in the 13th Century following its weekly cattle market. The High Street and London Road are lined with ‘old meets newʼ architecture from impressive Grade II Listed houses to contemporary apartments and Englandʼs oldest secular school. The two main roads ‘Vʼ shape formation, tightly hug a tangle of cobbled streets with shops, bustling cafes, a diverse food scene and atmospheric 16th and 17th Century pubs.  The historic town of Sevenoaks is perhaps best known for its loss of trees during a…

  • Things to do for free in the Scottish Highlands

    You could be forgiven for doing nothing in Scotland but drive. The scenery is amongst the most dramatic I have ever seen and changes with each hairpin bend. Snow capped mountains stand proud above reflective lochs and glens of contrasting shades of green. Heather clad hills turn golden as the sun peeks out from behind a cloud. However for those who want a little more than scenery, here are 13 other top things to do for free in the Scottish Highlands.

  • Things to do near Bank in London

    About Bank The area of Bank is serviced by the Central, Northern and Waterloo & City Lines as well as the Docklands Light Railway. It is named from the Bank of England and is located in the Eastern Central district of London. There are a number of interesting things to do and places to eat with a 15 minute walk.

  • Loch Ness solo holiday

    In 565 AD the legendary monster made her first appearance when it was claimed she devoured a servant. Since then, a number of reported sightings, hoaxes and investigations keep the world’s interest in ‘Nessie’ to this day. The recent storm Ciara once again led the monster to make headline news, after a giant skeleton washed up on a Scottish beach. Could this be the remains of the Loch Ness monster?

  • Where to eat in the Scottish Highlands

    It goes without saying that quintessentially Scottish dishes should be sampled such as haggis or ‘neeps’ and ‘tatties’. A wee dram of whisky should be enjoyed too! Here are four of my favourite places to eat in the Scottish Highlands…

  • Europe – 5 reasons to love it!

    Europe is a fascinating, diverse continent made up of 46 countries with 24 official languages. It is steeped in history, filled with natural waterfalls, rainforests and live volcanos. From my travels, here are my personal, top 5 reasons to love Europe.

  • Top Mayfair Restaurants for Solo Dining

    Solo dining is understandably something which some people find quite difficult. However, with a few tips under my belt from lessons learned, I now find it a very enjoyable experience. In fact, it now feels like a real treat, especially if I go somewhere quite fancy…

  • Best things to do in Ghent

    There is so much to do in this compact Belgian city and thanks to the City card, it is incredibly cheap too! In my opinion these are 8 of the best things to do in Ghent in 48 hours…

  • Places to visit in NSW

    Early morning sounds of kookaburras laughing, cockatoos screeching and lorikeets chirping as the sun rises in NSW. Sadly, blue skies don’t emerge. Instead they remain heavy with smoke as over 100 fires rage throughout Australia…