London tours can be guided or self-guided…

These can be found online and can be adapted to add other places or leave some out depending on your interests.

Tower Bridge, London, UK, walking tour
Tower Bridge

Spot some places that have featured in a favourite movie filmed in London, for example Notting Hill or Harry Potter.  Some can be self-guided and others, guided.

The book shop, notting hill movie, notting hill, London, tours
The Book Shop from Notting Hill, the movie

A self-guided shopping tour of London which can be combined with sightseeing, a spot of culture or lunch/dinner… you choose!

Liberty, London, Department Store, shopping tour

A self-guided tour of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, the Golden Hinde.  Climb on board and get a feel for what it was like in the late 16th Century.  The Golden Hinde was the first English ship to circumnavigate the globe.

Golden Hinde, self guided tour, tours, London, borough, sir Francis drake
Golden Hinde

Here are some ideas of other popular,  more organised or guided, day or night…

  • Hop on Hop off by Bus

A great way to see the sites, listen to the tour guide and rest between stops on an open top double decker.

  • River cruises, sailing or water tours

Several companies offer different tours, check online what suits you best

  • Jack the Ripper

View with a tour guide, the crime scenes of Jack the Ripper at night

  • Ghost

Different ones available online on foot or by bus

The Self-Guided vs Guided Walking Tours

Personally, I have become a  fan of the self-guided walking tours.  They give me flexibility to walk at my own pace.  Once I find something of interest I can spend a while there.  If I am not too interested in something then I can move on quickly.

Research your route first

I recommend you do some research beforehand about the route you plan on taking.  That way you can gather quite a lot of information in advance of the places you are likely to see along the way.  For example, you may feel there are a couple of main points of interest that you would like to spend time at.  You can then consider the time you may need here and the costs involved, if any!

Guided London Tours

Guided tours are also good because they can be fun and informative if you get a good guide.  They are also handy if you aren’t keen on walking around by yourself and prefer to have people to talk to.  The only down side to this is that you have to move on when the guide says so.

If you are planning London tours that are self-guided, read my tips and advantages blog post!

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