Arabica Bar & Kitchen, Borough

Arabica Bar & Kitchen is a Levantine, Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in Borough, London.  Nestled within Borough Market is this gem of a restaurant, that I have visited on many occasions.

Arabica Bar & Kitchen, Levantine Restaurant, Eastern Mediterranean, Borough Market, London, solo travel reviews
Arabica Bar & Kitchen, Borough Market, London


There were good window seats available,  but I chose to sit at the bar area tonight, my favourite area in this restaurant actually.  Another solo diner sat there too a bit later on.  It was a bit cool to sit outside but there were heaters if you wanted them.

Arabica Bar & Kitchen, Borough Market, Borough, London, Eastern Mediterranean, Levantine
Inside Dining Area at the Bar


The lighting is low, creating a nice ambience.  Music plays but not too loud.  There aren’t any soft furnishings like carpet and curtains, so the sound does bounce a bit, but I don’t mind that.  I would rather hear a bit of noise when I am on my own anyway as it creates more of an atmosphere within the restaurant.


The staff here are very friendly and attentive.  The lady behind the bar was quick to serve me a drink and complementary water, a choice of still or sparkling.  The waiter arrived and again, friendly and keen to recommend food options, but I already knew what I wanted…


I chose the taramasalata with flatbread costing £6.  The bread is served in a paper bag keeping it warm and soft.  The taramasalata is deliciously creamy and pale in colour.

Taramasalata, Arabica Bar & Kitchen, Borough Market, London

My next dish was the grilled Turkish peppers with olive oil and sea salt.  Not too oily or salty, just the right amount.  The waiter said he found them very hot but I actually thought they were mild, though I do like hot food.  These were priced at £5.50.

Turkish Peppers, Arabica Bar & Kitchen
Turkish Peppers

Next was the halloumi with Turkish figs, orange blossom honey and herbs.  The combination of the salty halloumi with the sweet and almost floral flavour of the figs in honey, was amazing..

Halloumi, Turkish figs, Arabica bar & kitchen, Borough Markets, Borough, London, solo travel reviews
Halloumi with Turkish figs

I had actually ordered some batata harra as well but was too full to eat them.  Luckily they package the leftovers up for a takeaway, so I could take them home!

The menu is available online if you wish to look at other food available here for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Prices of the dishes ranged from £3.50 to £13.50 depending on the size of the dish as some were main courses.  I had a glass of wine with my meal which I thought was quite expensive at £8.50 for a 175ml glass but I enjoyed it.  The food offered good value for money though.  I could have got away with ordering just 2 dishes because of the portion sizes.  I just like to have the variety.  It’s also good to know you can take home anything you can’t eat!

Would I Return to Arabica Bar & Kitchen

100% yes.  Having dined here on several occasions I have never been disappointed.  The staff are consistently friendly and the food is always good.  I always feel comfortable here as the seating, in my opinion, is very suitable for people dining alone.

What Else is in the Area?

During the day it is great to visit Borough Market.  In the evening, it might be nice to combine a meal with a walk along the Southbank before of after.  The  Underbelly’s Christmas Market is open between 2nd November and 6th Jan and fairground rides.  Such a nice atmosphere having a wander here either to build up an appetite or walk off that full stomach!

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