There are plenty of London hotels to choose from to suit all budgets.  However, if you stay just outside of the City, the accommodation may be cheaper.  In my opinion, the difference in price is worth the short tube journey into Central London.  For example…  I compared prices of 2 branches of a comfortable, well known budget hotel chain, Travelodge.  Look at the difference in prices between a standard room in Balham for a random week in December 2018, with a Travelodge in Covent Garden, Central London, for the same days.  Bear in mind that Balham is only a 17 minute tube journey into London Bridge.  The day of the week will affect the price in some other London hotels too.

Travelodge Balham                               Travelodge Covent Garden

Wednesday 12th     £129                                        £189

Friday 14th                 £ 74                                          £159

Saturday 15th           £129                                          £149

Sunday 16th               £ 39                                           £ 79

These are the London hotels I have stayed in so far which I can recommend.  Click on the links below to read my reviews…

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