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Turner's Beach, Antigua, Caribbean, destinations, Antigua holidays, holiday destination
Turners Beach

Antigua is a beautiful island nestled between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.  I have visited the island on many occasions and each time I leave, I can’t wait to return.  I can highly recommend visiting this island as a solo traveller.

Antigua Holidays

Antigua holidays leave me feeling relaxed.  The locals are warm, friendly and welcoming.  They are informative, proud of their Island and genuinely want you to enjoy your stay.

If you want to chill out by the beach or pool and do very little, there are plenty of high quality, all inclusive resorts you can stay where you can do just that!  Alternatively, stay in a room only resort where you can explore and see a little more of the real Antigua.


Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia, destinations, Sydney holidays
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australian Holidays

Australia holidays are superb for solo travellers.  I have visited here with friends, family and as a solo traveller and I can really recommend it.  I stayed in Sydney, a vibrant City with lots going on.  It is very easy to pack a lot into your stay here without having to travel too far at all…once you get here that is!!  Though the flight I took was extremely good and made my journey very comfortable with Malaysia Airlines.

The beaches here are amazing, the food is outstanding and there are day trips and activities galore!  But if you fancy going somewhere with a ‘get away from it all’ feel then try Hunter Valley or the Blue Mountains.  Both are less than 2 hours drive from the city.  Sydney is a great destination to come to if you want a holiday full of variety.


London is a great place to visit if you are coming to the UK for a holiday as a solo traveller.  It is also worth a day trip if you live nearby too.  There is plenty to do and it can offer some great activities  at relatively low cost.

London, Destinations, solo holidays, solo travel, reviews
Iconic St Paul’s Cathedral, London