Solo Female Travel – Is it Lonely?

Solo Female Travel

Latest statistics indicate that solo female travel is on the rise and not just amongst those who are single.  People in relationships are also enjoying spending time alone.  Solo female travel is not lonely and boring, it is actually liberating and very enjoyable.  However there are are a few ways of dealing with lonely moments that may arise…

1.  Choose an Area With Lots to do

Minimise your chance of feeling lonely by researching the area you are due to travel to in advance.  Try to choose an area with lots to do and know that there will be a few things you will definitely be interested in doing or taking part in.

2.  All Inclusive Resort

Certain locations are known for having lots of all inclusive resorts with varying star ratings.  Staying in an all inclusive resort is great for solo travellers.  They offer a range of activities both during the day and evening.  These are fun to take part in and are great ice breakers for speaking to new people.  You may not always want to join in but they can be enjoyable to watch too.

3.  Good Books

Make sure you take a few good books to read.  You can get lost in these and they are good props to take along to dinner if you are dining solo too.

4.  Book a Tour or Experience

Hotels and Tourist Information provide details of organised activities in the area with reputable companies.  This is a great way to spend some time with like minded people. I recently went on an organised tour of vineyards in Hunter Valley.  It didnt matter that we were all from different places and different ages, we all had a love of wine in common.

5.  Talk to Staff

Take the opportunity to speak to staff whenever you can, whether it is concierge, waiting staff or the entertainment team.  They are usually very chatty when they realise you are alone.  Conversation is usually upbeat and positive as they want to find out how your trip is going etc.  They are also keen to tell you about the surrounding area and will be able to recommend suitable activites/places to go for solo travellers in the area too.

6.  Take a Class

See if there is a class you could take part in locally.  Maybe something you haven’t tried before.  Cookery classes are fun and educational too, especially if you are in an area where you could learn how to cook local cuisine.  Dance classes are a great idea too.  They usually offer classes for complete beginners as well as more advanced levels.  They are available on a ‘drop in’ basis and my experience of dance classes is that the majority of people turn up alone.  They may not necessarily all be single but you don’t have to have a partner to go there.  If you like it, there is usually social dance that follows.  Who knows it could lead to a new activity once you are back home?

I hope this post has given you some ideas to minimise and deal with lonely moments when on your solo holiday.  My solo travel tips page also offers links to other posts with useful tips for solo travel, dining solo or solo activities.

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