Amsterdam Travel Tips

Amsterdam travel tips

I recently returned from a very enjoyable solo holiday to Amsterdam. However, there were several things I wish I had known before I went. Here are some top Amsterdam travel tips that I hope will help you when you book your trip…


Budget Hotel in London

Whatever your reason for staying in London – a holiday or a day trip combined with an overnighter, you probably won’t want to be staying in your room for very long. A budget hotel is therefore well worth considering. Here are 3 budget hotels I have stayed in as a solo traveller which are well placed for local activities, restaurants and nightlife. The rooms may be basic but, the beds are amongst the most comfortable I have stayed in…

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Travelling Alone for the First Time

Travelling alone, first time, solo travel

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you thinking of travelling alone but find yourself making excuses not to do it? Have your friends tried to discourage you? Are you worried about the expense of it? Maybe you’re concerned there will be a problem back home while you’re away? Do you think people will feel sorry for you? Do you worry you will get bored? All these things crossed my mind and I am sure they did for many solo travellers too. But actually, what have you got to lose?

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5 Reasons to visit Manly, Australia

1. The Beaches

Manly beach, Sydney

There are many reasons to visit Manly and one of them is for the choice of beaches. Manly is blessed with several stunning beaches. The main stretch along the North Steyne is great for surfing or bodyboarding. Surf lessons can be arranged via Manly Surf School. I had just one lesson with them and managed to ride a wave! The teaching was fun and of a good standard.

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