Reasons to go on a solo cruise

Reasons to go on a solo cruise - TUI's Marella Celebration Cruise Ship
TUI’s Marella Celebration Cruise Ship

I recently sailed on TUI’s Marella Celebration Cruise around Dubrovnik, Greece and Montenegro. It was my first cruise and I hadn’t appreciated how great they can be for solo travellers. I met various people who were travelling alone including a young man of 25, a lady who had just turned 40 and a woman in her 70s who was recently widowed. Here are my top 7 reasons to go on a solo cruise…

1. Cost effective way to visit multiple destinations

The cruise I went on was for 7 nights, visiting 6 destinations …

  • Dubrovnik
  • Crete
  • Corfu
  • Kalamata
  • Athens
  • Montenegro

Cruising is a cost effective way to visit multiple destinations. For example, if you wanted to visit all of the above places independently, without being on a cruise, the costs involved for flights, ferries, taxis, accommodation, as well as 3 meals a day would mount up. It would also be very time consuming and possibly quite stressful organising all the connections involved.

As the ship is all inclusive, It made sense to have breakfast before leaving the boat and dinner on return. Therefore you are only required to purchase lunch while you are off the ship, reducing the amount of spending money you need to take. No taxis were necessary either, just a few bus rides which were a little over 1 Euro each way.

2. See what a destination is like before a solo holiday

Cruising allows you to see a snippet of several destinations. The beauty of it is that you get a feel for how safe a place is, whether you feel comfortable being there on your own and if you like it. For example, I fell in love with Corfu. I loved meandering through the narrow, pedestrianised streets of the old town. It also felt very safe. I realised that there were quite a few places of interest in Corfu as well as its stunning beaches and that I now need to arrange to stay here again at a later date, for longer.

Corfu Town - visiting different destinations is a great reason to go on a solo cruise

3. Lots of activities onboard the ship

Each evening you will be provided with an itinerary informing you of activities that will take place onboard the following day. They included wine tasting, shows, quizzes, dance classes, table tennis tournaments etc. If you like to be kept busy and enjoy socialising with others then there will be plenty going on to keep you occupied.

Show in the Theatre - organised entertainment is a great reason to go on a solo cruise
Early evening performance in the theatre

4. Rooms are located next to other solo travellers

My compact, comfortable cabin was located on deck 2 of the ship. It appeared that the cabins of other solo travellers were in the same location. It actually made for a quiet corridor!

Solo Cabin
My single cabin

5. Relax in the spa

The spa has a number of treatments available. If you want a break from being around other people why not treat yourself to some well deserved relaxation time and pampering. Treatments available may be given by male or female therapists so make sure you state a preference if you have one, at the time of booking.

6. Organised meet ups with other solo passengers

When I arrived in my cabin I was given a letter inviting me to an optional lunch the following day to meet other solo travellers. Additionally, there were pre-dinner drinks one evening for solo travellers to get together and meet others who were by themselves. There was no pressure at all to attend but it was nice to know that you had the chance to socialise with others if you wished.

7. Guided Tours

Each of the destinations visited on the cruise had a number of organised excursions available at an additional cost. This is a great way to get involved in an activity with other likeminded people. Some of the tours were guided which is ideal if you prefer to explore and learn about a place with other people.

Excursion to the Blue Caves of Montenegro
Blue Caves of Montenegro excursion

If you are considering a solo cruise, I recommend you take a look at TUI’s Marella Celebration Cruise. Click on the links below for a detailed review of the cruise and relevant blog posts.

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