Loch Ness solo holiday

Views of Loch Ness
Loch Ness

In 565 AD the legendary monster made her first appearance when it was claimed she devoured a servant. Since then, a number of reported sightings, hoaxes and investigations keep the world’s interest in ‘Nessie’ to this day. The recent storm Ciara once again led the monster to make headline news, after a giant skeleton washed up on a Scottish beach. Could this be the remains of the Loch Ness monster?

Loch Ness, set within the Great Glen, is Scotland’s 2nd largest lake. It measures close to 23 miles in length and is capable of fitting the world’s population inside three times over. The high peat content from the hills makes its centre appear quite black in colour. However by the water’s edge, it is incredibly clear…

Its appearance can change quite dramatically at various times throughout the day. Sometimes in the morning there is a band of mist that appears to float over the lake and the water can be quite still. At other times there are gentle ripples or even waves.

Dores Beach at Loch Ness - early morning mist
View over the loch from Dores Beach at 9:30am
Early evening view of the lake
View of the loch from Dores Beach at 3:30pm
Sunset at Loch Ness
Sunset from Dores beach at 4:40pm

Steve Feltham

In 1991 Steve Feltham gave up his girlfriend and former life to look for Nessie. He resides in a van on Dores beach located on the southern tip of Loch Ness. Having gained a place in the Guinness book of world records for hunting for the monster for the longest time, he now makes and sells souvenirs to fund his search.

Steve Feltham's Van

Things to do nearby include…

  • A Cruise
    A number of companies run cruises on Loch Ness for ‘Nessie’ hunts. Cruise Loch Ness for example offer a choice of day and evening cruises from 50 minutes to half a day. This is a great way to learn more about the area and spot wildlife along the way.
Cruise Loch Ness
50 minute day cruise along Loch Ness
  • Loch Ness Exhibition Centre
    The exhibition centre offers a series of presentations taking visitors through a timeline of events surrounding the sightings. The videos begin by discussing the lake during prehistoric times when plesiosaurs swam in the water. This is an interesting centre to come to and encourages guests to form their own opinion about Nessie’s existence.
  • Urquhart Castle
    Explore this historic castle which once served as a medieval fortress for over 500 years. It overlooks the deepest part of the lake.
Urquhart Castle

Where to Stay

The Pottery House, Dores

The Pottery House, Dores

I highly recommended staying at The Pottery House. The rooms are comfortable, hospitality exceptional and two of the three rooms have direct views over Loch Ness. The generous sized, award winning breakfast is delicious and sets you up for a day of exploring Loch Ness and all its activities.

Dores Inn

Dores Inn

Dores Inn is an excellent pub dating back to the 1820s. It is a short walk from The Pottery House and serves outstanding food. It is located beside Dores beach offering unrivalled views of the lake.

Recommended things to do nearby

Recommended restaurants nearby


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