The Ice Bar in London

Ice Bar, London – 31-33 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BN

Ice sculputre at The Ice Bar, London
Ice sculpture

A mix of fire and ice themed bars and optional dining at Yuu Kitchen, with its’ combination of East Asian, Filipino and Japanese inspired dishes….

Arrival at The Ice Bar

If you are coming here alone as I did, I recommend you arrive half an hour before to enjoy the Firebar.


The Firebar

The Firebar is dimly lit and has a relaxing ambience with a mixed clientele of families couples and friends. It was fascinating to watch the real flames flickering as the server poured my drink. Staff were friendly and helpful, offering to keep my drink refrigerated if I hadn’t finished it before I was due to visit the Icebar.

The Icebar

Form a queue in preparation for the thermal cape with gloves attached, to be thrown over your head. You are then led into a room with pulsating music and strobe lighting. Everything is made from ice including the bar, sculptures and your cocktail glass!

Drinks at Ice Bar served in glasses made from ice
My mojito in the making…
Havana Especial, mint syrup, lemon juice, soda water

The Mojito I had was delicious and sweeter than usual as it was made with mint syrup rather than fresh mint.

Sessions in the -5° bar last 40 minutes but, you may leave earlier if you wish.

Table made from ice
Table made from ice

Booking The Ice Experience

Choose from 3 experiences and pre-book via Ice Bar London’s website. Prices vary according to day, time of booking and chosen experience.

  • Icebar – includes entrance fee and a spirit based cocktail
  • Champagne Icebar – includes entrance fee, a champagne based cocktail or a glass of champagne
  • Icebar Premium – As with the Champagne Icebar option, followed by a cocktail of your choice from the menus at either Icebar or Firebar

Would I Return?

In my opinion this is an activity which is better suited to couples or groups of friends. It is quite a lively bar and I would have felt more comfortable having someone to talk to and enjoy the experience with and take photographs etc. It is a great experience though!

I felt very comfortable in the Firebar alone though. It was a very relaxed, pleasant bar to come to by yourself for a pre-dinner drink.

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