Food in Ghent

Food quality in Ghent is very good quality both for sit down meals or snacks ‘on the go’. Here are 4 recommended foods to seek out and enjoy while in Ghent as well as 2 highly recommended restaurants to eat at of an evening…

1. Meme Gusta

A superb, traditional restaurant in a tucked away position serving dishes how Grandma used to make them. This is a special place to eat but if you can’t speak Dutch, have google translate to the ready! Two of the three menus are in Dutch. Click on the link to read my full solo dining review.

Stoempe - Food in Ghent

2. De Graslei

This restaurant had me wondering whether it was a tourist trap selling average food. Wrong. Touristy it may be given its idyllic riverside location BUT it is a charming place to eat. De Graslei serves excellent International and local dishes and ideal for solo dining.

Food in Ghent - Traditional Chicken Waterzooi

3. Cuberdons

Ghent is renowned for its exquisite chocolate and speciality ‘nose shaped’ sweets, cuberdons or neuzekes. These can be found for sale in little wooden carts dotted around the city as well as souvenir shops.

4. Belgian Frites

Belgian frites are a ‘must try’ food in Ghent with shops and stands selling varying sized portions. These can be eaten plain or with a choice of many types of mayonnaise and sauces..

Belgian frites with special mayonnaise

5. Waffles

Crisp, light waffles can be purchased in restaurants and from stands in virtually every street. These may be served on their own or with sauce, fruit or chocolate…

Belgian waffles

6. Belgian Chocolate

Belgium arguably produces the best chocolate in the world so it has to be tasted. A number of chocolate shops sell artisan chocolate and some of the stalls sells cubes of it. These are divine when stirred into alcoholic warm milk.

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