De Graslei, Ghent

De Graslei

Could I be about to get sucked into a tourist trap, with average food and service owing to its idyllic position? De Graslei is, after all, located by the River Leie with mirror like reflections that look as if they might crack, if you toss a pebble in…

De Graslei

About De Graslei

De Graslei’s buzzy atmosphere is welcoming, together with its warm, undercover, heated, dining area. Even in November, when temperatures are close to zero, dining outdoors is a preference by most, wrapping up in the cosy blankets provided.

Food and Drink

De Graslei ‘s International and local dishes include crisp cheese croquettes, salads, steak and fish. It might not be the cheapest of restaurants, but neither would you expect it to be given its prime location. However, several reasonably priced main courses costing upwards of Euros 19.50 can be enjoyed.

Complimentary Appetizers at De Graslei

crab starter

It always feels special when we receive something free of charge. Complimentary appetizers included a small pot of green olives and secondly, sweet crab meat accompanied by a crunchy, salted crouton.

Main Course – Chicken Waterzooi

chicken waterzooi

Waterzooi is a traditional Belgian stew which can be made from fish or meat. The arrival of my Chicken Waterzooi was quite spectacular. Steam poured from it as the hot dish hit the cold night air. This is a wonderful, hearty meal for a chilly night with ‘fall off the bone’ chicken in a rich, creamy sauce served with tender vegetables.

To have a look at the full menu or make a reservation, check out De Graslei’s website.

Service at De Graslei

Service at De Graslei is exceptional in my opinion. Waiting staff are attentive throughout the meal, efficient, friendly and speak great English. Detail is paid to presentation of food and drink which is served promptly, with adequate pauses between courses.

white wine

Would I Return?

De Graslei is a great restaurant for solo dining for the following reasons…

  • Outdoor dining experience, ideal for watching the world go by
  • Excellent food
  • Cosy place to dine with its warm heaters, blankets and comfort food
  • Exceptional service

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