British Airways to Ghent Business -v- Economy

British Airways Executive Club account holders are given a choice of paying for a flight in full, or using all/some of their accrued Avios points towards the cost. At the time of booking my recent trip to Ghent in Belgium, a return flight, economy class, using 11,750 Avios, cost £21. However, returning business class, the total cost slightly more at £41. The outbound flight with British Airways to Ghent offered ideal flight times. However, the return flight time with business class was better, allowing me more time in Ghent. Was the extra £20 worth it?

What is included?

Economy Class to Ghent with British Airways

  • Last group to board the plane
  • Staff were very friendly
  • Pilot was informative
  • Seats were comfortable and in good repair with adjustable headrests
  • No screens in the seats
  • M&S inflight menu available to purchase a range of M&S food and drink using bank cards only – no cash

Business Class to Ghent with British Airways

  • Use of Executive Lounge before boarding together with unlimited soft, hot and alcoholic beverages and good quality food. Food included broccoli soup, olives, anchovies, cheese and chorizo with slices of breads, olive oil and a chicken tagine.  A range of comfortable seating is available with sockets to charge phones and laptops and magazines and newspapers to read.
British Airways to Ghent - return flight - Brussels Executive Lounge area
  • First group to board the plane
  • Staff were very friendly
  • Pilot was informative
  • Seats were comfortable and in good repair with adjustable headrests – I am not aware that there was any more leg room particularly. If there was, it was marginal
  • The middle seat in a row of 3 was blocked so, in effect, just a window seat and an aisle seat were available. This gave more distance between you and the other person in your row
  • Hot towel was provided once seated
  • Complimentary food and drink was served. This included a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a light tea. Food served was a Caesar salad with hummus, bread and toffee mousse. Real cutlery, crockery and glasses are provided, much better than plastic!

Would I do it again?

Yes I would. The lounge area before boarding is very comfortable and much more relaxing than sitting in the regular departure area. Having checked out of my hotel at 11am, I was pleased to be able to charge my phone too as the battery was quite low. Boarding the plane was more relaxed being first onboard. All the overhead lockers were available so it was easy to find a space for my case. Business class passengers are seated in the first 7 rows so also benefit from leaving the plane first after landing.

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