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Manly, Sydney, Australia
Manly, Sydney, Australia

About Me

My name is Jude and I have always loved to travel. Until quite recently I always travelled with someone, whether it be a partner or a friend.  It never really crossed my mind to travel solo.  


Following divorce, I decided to continue travelling and set off on my first solo holiday to Antigua.  I have a passion for travel and didn’t see why I should have to wait to be in a relationship to visit places like this again.  Initially, I was a little anxious about it, never having been away alone and my confidence and self-esteem was at an all time low.  Nevertheless, I had an amazing time.  My hotel was absolutely stunning though I hadn’t realised there would have been so many couples on honeymoon!

My second solo holiday was in Grenada and this time I played it safe, staying somewhere I had been several years before with my children.  The hotel guests were a mix of couples, families and solos and I felt much more comfortable here.  

I began to realise there was limited information available online regarding solo travellers’ reviews of places they deem suitable to go to alone.  There was plenty of information about going on solo holidays with other single people but, that wasn’t really what I was looking for.  I wanted to go somewhere I felt comfortable and ‘fitted in’ being by myself.  I am happy to meet others and socialise once I am there, but I definitely don’t want to go away with other single people and feel I have to spend a lot of time with them, if I don’t want to.  

Inspiring Others to Travel Solo

At this point, I decided to quit my job and start writing reviews of places I have had positive experiences at by myself.  From my solo holidays, solo dining experiences and getting involved in activities alone, I have made new friends and my confidence and self-esteem have grown so much.  One of my friends told me that I have blossomed into my own flower.  My aim is to encourage and inspire others to do the same.  

Solo Travel Reviews

My website is now full of places I believe are suitable for solo travellers.  I write balanced reviews of  hotels, restaurants and activities at each destination I visit.  Readers can then make an informed choice about whether to go along too and will know what to expect.  Hopefully they can then have a pleasant experience too.

Solo Travel Destinations

Click on the link to the countries I have visited so far…


Amsterdam is an exciting and diverse city to visit as a solo traveller.  Probably best known for its windmills, tulips, cheese, canals, bridges and the Red Light District.

Tulips of Amsterdam
Tulips of Amsterdam


Having been to Antigua a number of times, I know the Island well.  I have reviewed several hotels here which are great for a solo holiday.  

Shirley Heights, Views, Antigua, Caribbean, Antigua solo, English Harbour
Shirley Heights, Antigua


I lived in Australia for 18 months and visit regularly.  It is a great country for travelling solo and I hope some of my reviews inspire you to go to the places I have been to and enjoyed.

Shelly Beach, Australia, Australian beaches, Sydney, manly, new
Shelly Beach, Australia


An incredibly beautiful Italian city, now the capital of the Tuscan region.  Popular with those interested in art, Renaissance, culture, architecture and Italian food.  Wonderful place to visit as a solo traveller.

View of the River Arno from Ponte Vecchio
View of the River Arno from Ponte Vecchio


I currently live close to London so it makes sense to inform you of some great places to go and activities to get involved in by yourself.

Southbank, London, river, Southbank centre, London solo, London aquarium,
View from Southbank, London

I have thoroughly enjoyed my solo travels. It has been a learning curve and naturally, at times, there have been hiccups along the way! Following this, I have dedicated a page of my website to solo travel tips which will give solo travellers invaluable information and help to avoid some of the mistakes I have made. Click on the link below to read more.

Solo Travel Tips