Welcome to Travel Grow Do It Solo, a website and blog inspiring worldwide solo travel, solo dining and solo activities. Click on one of the recommended solo travel destinations I have been to from the list below.  You will then be able to read my personal, balanced reviews of hotels and accommodation, restaurants and activities for each place.


1. Amsterdam

Architecture in Amsterdam - a great solo travel destination

Amsterdam is the Capital City of the Netherlands.  Its network of over 160 canals and 1700 bridges makes it a picturesque city to visit.  Its name derived from being the dam of the River Amstell and was initially known as Amstellredamme.  You will be spoilt for choice with things to see and do in this diverse City.

2. Antigua

The first of my solo travel destinations - do as little or as much as you like in stunning Antigua
Turners Beach

Antigua is a beautiful island nestled between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.  I can highly recommend visiting this island as a solo traveller. and return frequently.  The locals are warm, friendly and welcoming.  They are informative, proud of their Island and genuinely want you to enjoy your stay.

If you want to chill out by the beach or pool and do very little, there are plenty of high quality, all inclusive resorts where you can do just that!  Alternatively, stay in a room only resort where you can explore and see a little more of the real Antigua.

3. Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia, destinations, Sydney holidays
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Holidays in Australia are superb for solo travellers.  I have visited this vibrant city alone as well as with friends and family.  

Australia is blessed with spectacular beaches, outstanding food, unique wildlife and beautiful scenery.  Sydney is quite compact.  The local area is easy to explore using the iconic ferry services.  Plenty of excursions are available to book too.  Hunter Valley or Blue Mountains for example, are less than 2 hours drive from the city.

4.  Ghent, Belgium

Ghent at night

Ghent is a picturesque city, rather fairytale-like in places.  It has a rich history and is known for its exquisite chocolate, beer and strangely, sweets in the shape of small noses!  This city is superb for solo travel.  There are a range of activities to suit those interested in food, culture and history.  One of my all time favourite cities, simply beautiful!

5. Florence Italy

Florence is a beautiful, compact city with stunning architecture.  It is easy to explore on foot.  Squares or piazzas are super places to sit and watch the world go by.  So purchase a glass of Chianti, Tuscany’s signature wine and enjoy!

6. London

London is a superb place to come to for a day trip or solo holiday.  It is steeped in history and filled with iconic buildings.  London is an ideal destination for those who enjoy culture and great nightlife.  Due to London’s multicultural communities, you will be sure to find excellent food from all over the world.

London, Destinations, solo holidays, solo travel, reviews
Iconic St Paul’s Cathedral, London

7. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a clean, safe city for solo travel. In spite of being Spain’s capital, it has a relaxed ambience for a city. It is a wonderful place to come to enjoy exquisite food, high end shopping, architecture, museums and flamenco.

One of the most upmarket solo travel destiations I have been to for a city break
The Royal Palace

8. European Cruise: Greece, Montenegro & Croatia

Book a solo cabin on TUI’s Marella Celebration Cruise and visit 6 destinations. There are various activities onboard the ship to keep you entertained. Alternatively, book guided tours when in port, or explore by yourself. TUI also arrange lunch and pre-dinner drinks for solo travellers. So, if you wish to meet with others who are on their own, you can!

9. Paris, France

Paris is a beautiful city with stunning iconic architecture such as the Eiffel Tower and L’Arc de Triomphe. Walk along Avenue des Champs Elysees, arguably the most famous avenue in the world and shop ’til you drop! Enjoy fantastic French food such as croissants, baguettes, cheese and eclairs. Paris is a wonderful place to come for a city break.

Eiffel Tower

10. Portugal

Porto in Portugal is a relatively small city and there are plenty of things to see and do within a close proximity in 24 hours. Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia are within an easy walking distance of eachother. It is a great place to visit if you are interested in tasting varieties of port and shops which specialise in tiles and cork products.

Portugal - Chapel of Souls

11. Sardinia

Sardinia is a wonderful solo travel destination for pure relaxation. The scenery is breathtaking. Some of the beaches here are considered Caribbean like and the cuisine is first class.

Sardinia solo travel destinations

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